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Do Walk-In Tubs Have Showers? Which Accessible Bathroom Solutions Are Right for You

Are you looking for the right accessible bath products that meet your needs for function and style? Whether you want to age in place more safely, are recovering from injury, or face other mobility challenges, it’s important to find the right bathroom remodeling solution for your needs. If you’re trying to decide between a step-in tub or barrier-free shower bases, asking the right questions and getting reliable answers is important. 

What is Walk-In Tub Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is the use of warm, moving water for improved healing and relief from pain. Hydrotherapy improves circulation, reduces stress, and relaxes tense muscles. From sports injuries to on-going treatment of chronic pain, walk-in tubs provide a reliable in-home hydrotherapy solution. The easy-access design ofa step-in tub combined with comfortable seating and a therapeutic jet system not only make these baths a leading choice for seniors, any who need an accessible bath and hydrotherapy can greatly benefit. 

Are Barrier-Free Showers for Seniors?

Zero-barrier showers provide a wheelchair accessible shower base that works well with wheelchairs and walkers alike, making it easier to bathe safely with or without assistance. This feature is perfect for seniors that want to age in place more comfortably, however, any who need an accessible shower will benefit from this design. Showers with no threshold are also trendy, providing a shower space that’s stylish and functional for the entire family!

Do Walk-In Tubs Have Showers?

Not all walk-in tubs have showers. However, with the addition of a step-through insert, you can have both the benefits of soaking in a warm bath with the convenience of a shower. This option can transform your current, high-sided tub into a low step-in shower by removing a section of your tub and installing a custom-fit insert. 

Meet Our South Florida Accessibility Remodelers

Finding the right accessible bath products depends on your individual needs. If you are able to walk and want the benefits of hydrotherapy, then a walk-in bath is best for you. For those who depend on a wheelchair, prefer showering over bathing, or want a family-friendly option, then a zero-barrier shower is best. If you want the versatility of a bath and shower, then consider having a step-through insert installed. 

For the most luxurious and affordable South Florida walk-in tubs, zero-barrier showers, and seamless step-through inserts, go with Bathroom Pros Inc. We offer a wide-range of custom products, all of which are installed by certified experts, warranty-protected, and priced for any budget!

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From direct buys to custom designed remodeling service, Bathroom Pros is your one-stop shop for bathroom products and services in South Florida.

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