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Ten Best Tips for Home Sale

The Best 10 Tips to Make Your Home Ready for Sale

Get lightbulbs

There’s never been a better time to brightly light your house. A bright house looks more spacious and worth a higher asking price

Paint the walls

Be sure to make your home look fresh and livable with a new coat of paint. Neutral colors are best, like white or beige. All of these colors catch light and make a room appear bright and roomy.

Hire a professional photographer

Your home will sell based on its appearance. A great photographer will bring out the best qualities of your home!

Steam the carpet

Stains and unpleasant odors will turn away prospective home buyers. A quick and affordable steam cleaner will fix the problem!

Consider a housekeeper

Professional cleaners can give you a spotlessly cleaned house and are very affordable.

Reduce the clutter

An unclean house looks smaller than an organized house, and buyers are paying for spacious accommodation! Move or hide any magazines, clothes in closets, and similar debris that is hanging around.

Call an expert contractor

When you sell a house, you will likely need a home repair expert. Fix all the little things before listing. Buyers are willing to pay more for a move-in ready house!

Spruce up the yard

Fallen branches, ugly mulch, and overgrown weeds create the wrong impression of your home’s value. Be sure to mow the grass before guests arrive for house showings.

Ready the house

As strange as it seems, you need to make your home appeal to all tastes.

Clean up the kitchen

You might want to empty out the fridge and the garbage can. Unpleasant smells can turn off potential buyers.

Here at Bathroom Pros Inc, we’ve been in business since 2001! Our services have helped many Florida homeowners sell their homes – just call us at (561) 404-7746 if we can help!

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About Bathroom Pros

Bathroom Pros is a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing custom solutions for individuals throughout Central Illinois. Commercial and residential projects can benefit from our in-house team of remodeling experts for exceptional service and quality workmanship. We stand behind our work 100%, providing unlimited lifetime warranties that are transferable for the life of your house.

From direct buys to custom designed remodeling service, Bathroom Pros is your one-stop shop for bathroom products and services in South Florida.

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