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Eight Questions to Ask Your Bathroom Remodeler

If you’ve decided that you can’t live one more day with a dark and dreary or outdated bathroom, then it’s time to take the next step and hire a company to complete a luxurious bathroom remodel. For a enjoyable, stress-free experience, it’s essential to choose a quality remodeler with the experience and expertise to create a bathroom you will love for years to come.

To help you select the right Ft. Lauderdale bathroom remodeling company for your next project, the experts at Bathroom Pros have compiled a list of eight questions to askbefore you hire a bathroom remodeler:

1. How do you educate your employees and customers?

This is most important question to ask when choosing a bathroom remodeler. Basically, you want to determine if the remodeler stays up-to-date on the latest bathroom technologies and installation processes—and then shares that knowledgewith their employees. Depending on the bath products that the remodelers offers, factory training may be available, or a remodeler might hold regular employee training sessions when new products are introduced.For example, if you’re interested inbathroom conversions in Ft. Lauderdale, your remodeler should be able to explain the options availableand exactly how the process works, from start to finish. 

2. How will this bathroom function for me as my needs change?

While some life changes are completely unexpected, others are inevitable. In order for your bathroom remodel to truly be a long-lasting investment, it should be completed in a way that suits your current desires—and future needs. Perhaps you anticipate that an elderly parent will eventually come to live with youor you’re planning to age in place. There are numerous high-quality bath products on the market that make life easier, without sacrificing style and luxury. From barrier-free shower remodels to step-thru inserts for your bathtub, a quality bathroom remodeler candesign and install an elegant and functional bathroom that will accommodate your changing lifestyle.

3. Will I have a dedicated team working on my project?

This is an important question to ask that will inform you about a remodeler’s ability to schedule adequately and the types of employees they hire. With a dedicated team, you can expect that your project will be completed on schedule, or with very little wiggle room. Further, a dedicated team of in-house technicians—not sub-contractors—is also a sign of a professional company that hires and screens employees, often by requiring background checks and drug testing.

4. What is the timeframe for my bathroom remodel?

A quality bathroom remodeler should have a well-defined process that allows them to construct a timeframe for your project. Most remodelers begin with an in-home consultation to measure your space, talk about your ideas, and answer any questions. From there, a detailed, written estimate should be provided. Depending on the extent of your project, your bathroom remodeler should then be able to provide a timeline for completion—whether it’s expected to take a day or more than a week.

5. How will I communicate with you throughout my project?

Clear communication is essential and is the best way to ensure a stress-free bathroom remodel. With today’s numerous forms of communication, you may be able to reach your remodeler via text, e-mail, or even an app—in addition to the traditional phone call. A bathroom remodeler with a priority on quality customer service will offer communication strategies from the start, and be available to answer questions before, during, and after your remodel. 

6. Do you offer warranties for your products or services?

A bathroom remodel can be a major investment, and knowing that the products and services you receive will stand the test of time is vital. Bathroom remodelers may offer manufacturer product warranties, workmanship warranties, or both, and should provide you with a written copy before your project begins or upon completion.

7. Do you have customer reviews or testimonials to share?

Of course it would be nice to hear frompast customers! Unless you’ve received stellar reviews from a friend or family member, you can check a bathroom remodeler’s website for reviews or testimonials from past customers. The remodeler’s social media accounts are another good way to gain valuable feedback.

8. Can I see examples of past projects you have completed?

Being able to view a gallery of past bathroom projects will not only give you an idea of a company’s workmanship, but also provide ideas for your own Ft. Lauderdale project. Ask the bathroom remodeler if they have a photo gallery on their website—or visit their showroom to view product samples in person.

Are you ready to hire a professional Ft. Lauderdale bathroom remodeling company to complete your upcoming project? The experts at Bathroom Pros are happy to answer any of your questions! Give us a call today or use our simple online form to request additional information and a free, no-obligation estimate.

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