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Tips for Choosing an Acrylic Wall System for Your Bathroom

Is your current bath or shower looking a little worse for the wear, but not bad enough for a complete bathroom remodel? Pembroke Pines bathroom experts recommend installing an acrylic bath surround for these situations. With this type of bathtub remodel, you don’t need to pay as much as you would with a complete overhaul, but you still get a bathroom that looks brand new! 

That said, there are some things you should know before calling up a Pembroke Pines bathroom remodeling company, so read on to learn more about choosing an acrylic bath surround that works for you!

Which Type of Acrylic Bath Surround is Right for You?

When selecting the optimal acrylic bath surround for your Pembroke Pines home, there are several factors to consider. Should you go with a one- or three-piece model? Should you DIY or hire an experienced Pembroke Pines bathroom remodeling company? What are the most cost-effective options? Read on to find out!

  • Acrylic Bath Surround vs Tile: While tile can last a bit longer than acrylic, it’s also much more expensive. An Acrylic bath surround is a cost-effective solution that can be installed quickly and easily. In addition, acrylic is easier to clean and maintain, so you’ll spend far less time on its upkeep.
  • One-Piece vs. Three-PieceA one-piece acrylic bath surround can be cost effective, but it doesn’t last as long as a three-piece surround. When installing a three-piece surround, your chosen Pembroke pines bathroom remodeling company will be able to provide a tighter seal while optimizing your bathroom’s space.
  • Contractor vs. DIY: When budgeting for your bathtub remodel, it might be tempting to try and save on labor costs by doing things yourself. However, most acrylic bath surrounds can only be installed by professionals. And that’s for a good reason — inexperienced homeowners often make errors that can damage the material or even your home!

Want to know more about choosing the perfect acrylic wall system for your home? Call the certified installers at Bathroom Pros Inc.! Our one-day bath remodel specialists will walk you through the process and assist you in choosing the surround that will give you optimal function and style for your budget. Call us today to schedule a free, no-obligation in-home estimate!

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